April 3, 2017

District iPads & Apps

Our tech team manages hundreds of iPads across the district to ensure our staff & students can get online, print, communicate & much more. We ensure that updates, apps & configurations stay up-to-date and keep track of the many Apps that our students use for learning each day.

Should your school require additional licenses for Apps, or wish to request new Apps, please complete the iPad App request form. Purchases for Apps are completed and pushed out over the air out to iPads regularly.

Before submitting an App Request, please double check that your site isn’t already assigned an App. Sometimes the Apps get uninstalled accidentally,  but we are happy to reinstall them for you over the air.

You can check our master District App List here.

**Please note that Apps are automatically charged to school budgets.
*Please submit only one App at a time when completing the Request Form.