Tech FAQ

How do I get tech support?
If you require help, your first line of support is touching base with your site based contact. They’ll attempt to resolve the issue, and if they’re unable to, they’ll escalate the issue to a member of our tech team. Each site has a key member(s) of staff responsible for communicating with our tech team through weekly meetings & our online ticketing system.

Can’t I just email a technician?
Our method of communicating directly to our site based contacts at our individual schools helps us work more efficiently & reduces redundancy in our ticketing system. While you’re welcome to email us for general inquiries, it’s best to direct your tech requests to your site based contact.

What is the ticketing system?
This is the way our team manages our technical requests around the district, and helps us plan & schedule times to deploy fixes. This also gives our team a way to organize tickets logically (either by site, skill level or project). Sometimes we can address up to 5 tickets at once in one visit, for example. This helps us help you better.

How do I submit a ticket?
This is facilitated by your site based contact. If you have a tech request or emergency, let them know right away and they’ll escalate it to us if need be.

How do I find out who my site based contact is?
Check out this link.

I own using district owned technology, but I’m missing some software to do my job!
We’ve created the Staff Resources page for this very reason. We’ve provided links to give you access to licenses, software, downloads & more. We anticipate our Resources page as becoming a key role in providing updates, software, communication & licensing information to all staff across the district.

Can I bring my own computer to work?
Yes, we’re BYOD friendly, and we do our best to support a wide range of systems. Currently, our tech team is certified in Windows & Apple computers. We also have experience assisting you with iPhone & iPad devices.

How do I learn more about O365?
We have an O365 Learning Group we’ve created. You can join using your O365 credentials. You can request to join the group here.
Here, you can post questions and get answers from other faculty & tech leads – there’s even videos and helpful walkthroughs on common questions such as calendars, contacts & more.

Microsoft also has self-directed training at their O365 Educator site. This is free for anyone working in education. Sign in using your O365 account.

How do I print?
Most of our printers are setup to be ‘found’ on our district network. Each printer is labelled with a unique number (or IP Address) on the front of it. If you feel comfortable adding it yourself, worst case it’s a matter of putting in this number when you’re adding a printer on your Mac or PC. If you require additional drivers, we have provided some of our common ones here.

How do I access FileMaker Pro?
This is a very common service our staff use across the district. Luckily, it’s easy. We’ve provided a document that outlines all the details you’ll need right here. Additionally, this can be found on the Staff Resource page. 

I have a warranty related issue with my Apple device, how do I get this serviced?
While our team is Apple Certified, we’re not an Authorized Repair depot. We have partnered with UltiMac Technologies in Duncan to provide timely repairs for any in-warranty issues.

Does the tech team have superpowers?
Obviously 😉

I have a website and require advice/consulting in this area.
Our tech team does not provide services in this area. Sorry!

I need training on a program or piece of software. Can I book some time for this?
You can submit a ticket and request training.

I need an antivirus for my computer. Does the district offer this?
We use Windows Defender included with our Windows 10 licensing. For BYOD devices, we do encourage all our users to have a basic antivirus or minimum of Windows 10. We also use advanced firewalls, policies & filters to protect our individual school sites.

I require a new computer/notebook or device for my role, who do I talk to?
We recommend discussing this with your principal. We aren’t responsible for consulting/ordering notebooks for staff.

The Copier is malfunctioning! Help!
We recommend you talk to Cindy Rodgers. You can email her here.