June 18, 2018

O365 FAQ

Compliance & privacy in our digital age

This page is intended as an internal resource for staff in regards to our initiative to address privacy compliance in our district. Part of this compliance involves moving to a Mail system that’s been recognized by our Government as meeting the needs of our BC School Districts for privacy compliance with our Provincial Laws. Microsoft O365 meets the stringent privacy needs of our province by housing this data in Servers stored in Canada.

This page will include an ever evolving FAQ & Resource collection to assist in answering questions pertaining to the migration to this new ecosystem. For more in depth information on our provincial privacy laws, please see our Privacy Resource page here. 

There’s also great online training pertaining to Security & Protection of Information. This covers many of the questions regarding compliance, protection of data & best practices in today’s world.

Additionally, Microsoft has built an online website to assist Educators in learning more about O365 and the tools available to assist in the classroom. This is free for our district, and available by signing in with your O365 account. You can find the Microsoft Educator Community website here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will parents that don't have microsoft accounts be able to access and edit shared docs from the school as they do now with google if they don't have google accounts?Yes. You can share with outside users. They don't need a microsoft account to access. Instructions can be found here.
Why are we changing our email to O365?Office provides a FIPPA compliant solution which ensures our students information is protected!
Which email app should I use on my Android deviceUse the outlook email app! Available at the app store. Click this link to access setup instructions
What happens if people send e-mails to my old @sd64.bc.ca email?You can set up mail forwarding by following the steps in this video.
The google suite was easier, what can I do to make this transitions easier for me. Answer for iPad users: Setting up your iPad as a personal device (not allowing kids to use it) will allow you to use the many apps that will make this transition easier. We recomend setting up your mail app with your new .org address (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvacZBxl3BQ). Download the Word, One Drive, and Excell apps to easily edit all your documents. For now, keep using Google Classrooms and docs for classroom material. We are not ready to switch this over yet even for you keeners!

Answer for PC users:
You are able to download all the programs through your office 365 dashboard. Log in and click the install office apps button.
I thought we could continue to use google docs and calendars, etc. as long as it doesn't contain student information. Has that changed?Having most of your data in one ecosystem is easier to manage for everyone - having mail/contacts/calendars in multiple places will only complicate the long term goal of ensuring we're fully compliant with FIPPA.
I am wondering if we will have access to our old emails for reference going forward. And if we will have access to our old google docs.Our plan is eventually to move all staff to O365. We will assist with migration. Our plan is to ensure there is no data loss & to have everyone migrated before old accounts are disabled.
How do I transfer my contacts and calendars into O365have a look at this page which provides transfer instructions!
How do I share my documents for colaboration. Have a look at this short video
Can I still use Gsuite to communicate with my students? What about tools like Google Read Write/Forms/etc.One of the reasons we are mvoing towards Office365 is to better protect our information, staff and students. Staff and students will continue to maintain their Google accounts in order to collaborate and continue the benefits of classroom. These features will continue to be available hoever, it is important to remember that sensitive information CAN'T be entered into any of the Google Suite applications for FOIPPA reasons.
Can I download the office apps onto my device under our license agreement?Yes you can! You can access the apps through the office dashboard
Bottom line: what happens to all of our email? I fear that what I read is that it will evaporate and that is troubling since there is so much I need to continue to access like powerpoint presenations, research projects, etc.We will be working with faculty to help migrate if they need assistance. There are also self serve options to migrate documents, calendars, contacts & mail forwarding - we have provided online resources to assist in these areas.
I just had a conversation about implementing 365. I'm wondering what the plan for inservice is moving forward? There will be communication regarding support, migration & inservice once we are closer to the 2018/19 school year.
Can an Outlook/O365 icon be added to menubar to facilitate access from desktop?Absolutely! The easiest way of doing this (on PC) is to right click on your desktop and choose 'new shortcut' and type in www.office.com/sd64 and click save. This will make a new internet shortcut on your desktop.
Can new account be added to existing mail on Mac, so message received thru it can be accessed in same window as messages in other email accounts?Yes. O365 is fully supported on Mac Mail. You can Add a new Account to Mail - then select Exchange - input yourusername/password & you're all setup.