District Software & Licenses

If you’re district staff (teacher, admin, support), you may be eligible to access district licensed software to assist in your role. We have district licenses for a variety of educational purposes, including word processing, antivirus, etc.

If you’re looking for information on district managed iPads & apps, please read more on our iPad specific page.

Free Software
Software available to all staff

FileMaker Pro 17
FileMaker Pro is required to access certain school district resources. Depending on your device, your download options will be different.

You’ll require the license information in order to complete the install contained in the Filemaker License

FileMaker Pro – Web Access
FileMaker Pro – Mac Download
FileMaker Pro – PC Download
FileMaker Pro – iPad Download

School Licensed Software
This is software that is licensed and purchased by our district for educational purposes. If you’re staff, and would like access to a particular piece of software for use on a district owned computer, please contact your school tech contact. They’ll be able to login to our download page and assist you in setting up the software. See below for all software available.

Office 365
The Office suite is available for our district staff for educational reasons. You can login to the office.com portal to access the full suite, plus download the traditional Desktop suite.

Skype for Business
We utilize S4B for live video and audio conferencing to communicate across our unique Gulf Islands geography. You can download S4B from the links below. Sign in with your O365 account.

Skype for Business – PC
Skype for Business – Mac

Adobe Creative Cloud
The Adobe suite includes Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Muse, Acrobat, Animate, Bridge, Fuse & Media Encoder. Both Mac & PC Versions are offered to our staff.

If you’re staff, please contact your site based contact (they can either assist you installing or submit a ticket to our tech team)

If you’re a site based contact, you can download this software through our online portal by clicking here.

Windows Defender
With our recent move to Windows 10 Education across our district, we’ve made the choice to go with the built in and lightweight Windows Defender. This is included with our Microsoft subscription & provides a better way to manage threat prevention within our schools.

We’re no longer subscribed to AVG Antivirus – if you are being advised to renew, you can contact us and we’ll happily remove it from your system.