Tech Team

Our district Tech Team is responsible for the planning, deployment & maintenance of all computer hardware, software & networking technologies across our district. Additionally, they ensure our back-end infrastructure such as our Datacenter Servers, switches, WiFi services, routing & online services function normally.
If you require the support or assistance of one of our team team members, contact your site based contact first. If they cannot help to resolve your issue, they’ll escalate the issue to one of our technicians on your behalf using our ticketing system

Brien Anderson
Brien looks after…

-Gulf Island Secondary
-Phoenix Elementary
-Phoenix House
-Backup support SSE/Fernwood/Fulford
Guy Reeves
Guy looks after…
-SaltSpring Island Middle School
-SaltSpring Elementary School
-Pender Island
-Mayne Island
-Fernwood Elementary
Special Projects:
-Ruckus Seamless Wi-Fi
-NGN planning & development

-Fast Ethernet to Gigabit switch upgrades

Jacob MacLean
Jacob looks after…
-School Board Office
-Fulford Elementary
-Saturna Island
-Windsor House
Special Projects:
-Ruckus vSCG Controller & Seamless Wi-Fi
-FileMaker 15 Server
-OSTicket 1.9.14
-District iSCSI Backups/DR Replication
-Palo Alto Firewall/filtering/QoS
-Layer 3/routing/subnets


Doug Livingston
Doug keeps the Tech troops together!